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 The Return
 Posted: Nov 21 2015, 05:15 PM




*A video package plays...showing various moments of Ring of Chaos history. Moments such as the street fight between Justin Lee and Jonny D.....Wheeler's RoC World Heavyweight title run...R2D2's Pure title run....almost everything is recapped in this video...then the feed goes silent....

Snapping back to reality, we find Slash getting his gear on.... something is different...

The atmosphere has changed.....

He puts on his mask and turns toward the camera...

The focus pierces through his eyes as he walks past the cameraman.....

The picture captures what Slash had been looking at as he was getting ready for his matchup. It was the advertisement for tonights RoC show. With big letters right at the top, the silence could be deciphered. It read:


His time to show the world, was now.
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