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 Validation By Vain and Friends, Feud 1
Jaymes Landon Vain
 Posted: Apr 5 2016, 02:04 AM




The camera comes into full focus with newly signed RoC Superstar Jaymes Landon Vain. He's staring at a painting rubbing his chin in a scrutinizing manner. Wearing his custom designer shades over the tip of his ears. Extending his arm and continuing doing whatever he was completely ignoring the arrival of the camera crew. "The finishing touches, doesn't this startle you with amazement?" He says with his high brow and smirk to melt a million women. "We're coming upon a grander acknowledgement, which is myself."

Removing his glasses, folding them up slowly and taking a deep breath mockingly.

JLV: Isn't this a prime work of art here Danny? Michael? Sam?

???: M- My name is Brett.

Jaymes rolling his eyes begins again without any interruptions this time (fingers crossing)

JLV: To which do I owe this pleasure you may be asking yourself, you've stumbled into a lair of an AR-TEEST. In the middle of painting a historical piece. What does this piece resemble, matter of fact. No no, *Tapping on the canvas gently enough to enable a thump* WHO does this piece resemble? I'll give you a sneak peak at the first beginnings since you've acquainted me this evening.

You're all going to LOVE THIS!

Turning the portrait of a cartoon-ish Picasso covered in crayons and painted over with multi-colors.

JLV: Isn't this something, I mean really something.. you'd want to gawk at for days on end? It was a vision not long ago. RIGHT after I took Picasso out of his autistic artistic daze. Yes, I made this with INFLUENCE. Influenced by my own set standards, I even printed my name to show I'm a proud papa of what I scratched up. This should go..

JLV pushing the interviewer out of the way and laughing to himself with his eyes peered downwards.

JLV: Right in a museu- THE TRASH.. *Vain punches a hole straight through it, and stomps his foot through the bordering, and to make matters worse spits on it* along with everything this guy has ever produced. Hiding behind your mask to represent a flaw in the makeup. You having a selfie stick should be illegal in all areas. Reprimanded by your source of vanity, and I thought I was full of myself. The difference is, you're full of art that is done by stencil in a notepad. Actual art is not some flamboyant circus jerky running the ring ropes. It's, finding your self worth and putting a story into fruition. The humble beginnings of a newcomer, trying to make a name off your expense. Is how you'll attempt to mask it and deface my craft. If this doesn't set an example, NOTHING WILL. Let's size up your ego to mine, MINE.. is worth having. You framed my victory, much like I framed this portrait of you. Now here, let me show you how to trend-set your sights on what shifts the inevitable.

Vain pulling out his phone from deep inside his pocket and clicking it on. After putting it into camera mode he makes a last statement.

JLV: This day, marks in the history.. the day RoC became my palace of rising to the occasion.
Picasso, you're a fake print of the real thing. Maybe this, will paint a picture for you.

JLV revels in a self taught moment with a selfie to top it all off. The interviewer is still there biting his tongue and knowing he has no place to speak up. In the closing moments JLV is looking at his phone telling the camera crew to SHOO.

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