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 No Time for Celebration
 Posted: Apr 3 2016, 11:36 PM




MJ: "Mike Jamison here and we are just minutes away from the RoC Anarchy 81 main event. I'd like to welcome my guest at this time, the new RoC Pure champion, Slash."

Slash steps into view with his new 20 pounds of gold draped over his shoulder.

MJ: "Slash, first off congratulations upon receiving your first RoC title in your career. That match you had with Anders was an incredible bout."

Slash: "Thank you Mike. It's been a long time coming. I know I've always had it in me, but you can easily make mistakes along the way. At RoC Revenge, I made no mistakes. Anders was a tough opponent don't get me wrong, but I was going into that match not being denied."

MJ: "Well Slash, tonight you are in a non title fatal four way match with new RoC Champion, Blake, your former tag team partner in Xander, and the new number one contender to your RoC Pure title at the Clash, Tony Hall. What is your gameplan going into tonights matchup?"

Slash: "To be honest, you can't really go in with a full out gameplan. Wrestling 3 top RoC superstars in one match is no easy task." Blake is now a 2 time RoC Heavyweight Champion. He's been in there with the best so he knows what he's doing in that ring. Xander, my former Pride tag team partner, has come into his own. That feud with Butch he's had for quite sometime now has stepped up his game. Last but not least, you got Tony Hall. For as new as he is, he has been around the block. He's very methodical in that ring and picks his spots to strike. So as far as gameplan goes, I have to play that by ear. And since you brought up The Clash....."

*Slash turns to the camera as he holds up his newly won Pure Championship

Slash: "...Tony, you are the lowest form of scum on the face of this earth. You cheated your way to get a shot at my title. I'm telling you, at The Clash, that I am walking in with this...(pointing at the RoC Pure title)...and I'm walking out with this."
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