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 Post Summer Classic, Promo Part One
 Posted: Jun 28 2016, 05:26 AM




We find Slash standing in a hallway of a hospital. Doctors and nurses have been rushing in
and out of the room ahead of him. The man that lay in the room getting all the attention....Xander. After
what happened at Summer Classic, Xander had been rushed to the hospital, unresponsive to anyone.

After a couple hours, a doctor walked out to Slash and told him the extent of Xander's injuries. The
doctor had stated there is nothing more they can do and suggested for him to go home and get some
sleep. As the doctor walks away, Slash steps up to the glass. Through the window, he sees the results
what Justin Lee had done to his former partner....a friend...a brother. Slowly, his hands shape into fists,
starting to shake with anger...

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