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 Smokem', 420 Promo
 Posted: Apr 18 2016, 05:14 PM




*After the last matchup, we find Mike Jamison on camera standing outside of the RoC locker room.

MJ: "Wow what a match we just saw here at the 420 RoC Special. Right now, I am awaiting on the RoC Pure Champion, Slash to step out of this locker room. He is scheduled to face off with Dice tonight and..."

*Suddenly the door opens, and a huge cloud of smoke comes pouring out of the doorway with a bunch of laughter from the inside spilling out. Slash comes stumbling out, hacking up a lung.

Slash: " Holy shhh...oh...hey MJ. Whats goin' on?"

MJ: "Slash, what the heck is going on in there?"

Slash: "Piper hitting that huge bong that's what is going on."

MJ: "What?

Slash: "MJ, its a party, its the 420 RoC Special, and everyone is having a good time tonight. But you know who isn't having a good time? Dice.

MJ: "Who also happens to be your opponent here tonight."

Slash: "Dice has been a lost soul recently. He's aligned himself with Jesse Warren and been causing chaos here in RoC."

*Slash brings up the RoC Pure Championship to his shoulder...

Slash: "I didn't win this by causing a ruckus...or crying...or complaining. I earned everything I have right now, with hard work and a strong heart. Tonight, Dice is gonna have to bring everything to the table. Is it gonna be easy? HELL NO. And that's the way I like it."

*The camera pans off as the screen flashes the match up screen....DICE VS SLASH...UP NEXT!
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