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 Worthy of another Shot, Anarchy 80 Promo
 Posted: Mar 14 2016, 05:51 PM




*Mike Jamison catches up with Slash just moments before his match with Cameron Anders...

MJ: "Slash....Slash...earlier tonight you had an altercation with Cameron Anders and his group, The East. Its seems that you have taken Sebastian Klein out of the equation, leaving only Anders to fend for himself, unlike last week, when his distraction cost you the RoC Pure Championship. What is your mind set heading into this match up with Anders tonight?

Slash: "My thoughts? What are my thoughts gonna do about this situation....nothing! Its action. Action is what is going to make the difference tonight. I have to hurt him. You see, I have to go out there....and face the man, I can't seem to defeat. The self proclaimed, "God of the East". Cameron Anders...the RoC Pure Champion."

*Slash shakes his head and looks at you can see the eyes right through his mask. The eye of the tiger sort of speak.

Slash: "It sickens me that I have to say those words in the same sentence. Damnit, he was about to smash the Pure Title to pieces. The legacy and prestigious history of that title would have been mentally damaging. How can you call yourself...PURE..champion, if you are the complete opposite of the word?"

*Slash looks into the camera and points at the viewfinder...

Slash: "Tonght, Im going out there, to prove my worth. Show the world, that this "God", can be beaten. THAT I CAN BE THE CHAMPION...if I get another crack at him. My actions, will speak louder that my words. Anders.....You're a dead man."

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