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 Operation New Champs, Anarchy 81 Promo
 Posted: Sep 2 2014, 08:04 PM




*Coming off their victories at Anarchy 80, Slash and Mr. X have earned a shot at the RoC Tag Team Champions, the Old Age Outlaws, this week at Anarchy 81. Cameras catch up with The Pride at a local bar in downtown Chi-town.

*Mr. X joins Slash at the table, passing his beer and toasting to their victories. The opportunity that lies ahead of them at Anarchy 81 may be the biggest opportunity of their careers...

Slash - "X, we did it....we have earned our 2nd opportunity at the RoC Tag Team championship. We completely obliterated those museum pieces this last week. Now, we put Operation: New Champs into action."

Mr. X - "No doubt Slasher, we are gonna put those dawgs down and become the new champs. Whether by Weapon X, or Mane 1, that gold is coming home with us."

*They both take a swig of their beer as Slash continues....

Slash - " guys are past your prime. Your hearts may be in the right place. You guys may be good "wrasslers"......well, maybe 20 years ago. You two fail to realize that no one is gonna stop us from becoming Tag Team champions. The new school is here and come Anarchy 81, you are looking at the new RoC Tag Team champions."
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